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Our Learning foci this week is based on Traction Man by Mini Grey. 


With an outfit for every occasion, he patrols the house saving toys, guarding toast, searching for lost wrecks and rescuing damsels in distress. Our hero is ready for anything… or is he?


Below is the lesson power point for the whole week. I'd love to see copies of the children's work, so please email any work to me.



Please read the PDF copy of Traction Man with your child, so that they are able to complete their English and Guided Reading lessons with you. All of the English activities are in the powerpoint, which is separated into each day. The children can complete their responses on a copy of the work template, which is in the powerpoint, if you are able to print it, or on paper. I would be delighted to see the outcomes of their learning, so that I can give them feedback like I normally would. 

The story of Traction Man