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Friday 12th June


Following on from our Spacex rocket challenge in Design Technology last week, our Art & Design this week is:


     To create an artwork representing space.   


Look through the powerpoint below at the NASA 'images of the day'. 


Is there anyone at home you can talk to about these?


Hopefully the NASA images will inspire you! There are also some examples of 'space' artwork created by others, on the powerpoint.



Things to consider: 

•First you will need to design/sketch your ideas.
•Are you going to use crayon, pencil crayon, felt tip, paint?
•You will need to decide which colours to use.
•Where on your page is each colour going to go?
•Will you need to mix any colours?
•You can look back at the NASA images or the example artworks for inspiration.


Remember to send photos of your fabulous artwork to share on our slideshow!