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In Design and Technology, we implement an inclusive curriculum that meets the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

A series of exciting and stimulating lessons are planned, with clear knowledge and skills-based learning objectives and subject-specific vocabulary.

Children are encouraged to be inquisitive about the way products work. Opportunities are given to ask and answer questions, through investigating and analysing a range of existing products. This supports them to create their own design criteria. They then practise, experiment and build on new and prior technical knowledge and skills to create a prototype. Children develop their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches and diagrams, before creating their final piece. We encourage children to evaluate and refine their designs, regularly. Ownership is given to the children, through their choice of materials, components, tools and equipment, to fulfil the product’s design criteria. In addition, children are taught where food comes from, the importance of a healthy and varied diet and how to prepare a nutritional dish.

There is a weekly 1 hour lesson in DT.

Teachers assess learning in Design and Technology against knowledge and skills-based learning objectives within unit overviews. Our curriculum is delivered through highly effective ‘quality first teaching’. When possible, enrichment opportunities, including cookery clubs, provide our children with rich experiences and enhance teaching, learning and knowledge.  We introduce children to DT in EYFS, exploring different materials, how things can be joined together and exploring different foods. 

Our Design and Technology curriculum promotes children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, ensuring that they are reflective and responsible citizens. Fundamental British Values are actively promoted in Design and Technology lessons in order to prepare the children for life in Modern Britain.