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This week the children will be starting to learn all about Lent.

They will review what they already know about Lent and use this to create a Lenten Prayer.

Please work through the powerpoint below, asking the key questions on each of the slides. 

The children in school are creating their own class Lenten promises cross, it would be so lovely if the children at home joined them. To do this, please get your child to think of one thing they would like to do this Lent it could be:

I will make my bed every day, or I will help to wash the dishes.

It could also be: 

I will give up chocolate or sweets for Lent.

Whatever they choose, please let me know and I'll add their promise to the Lenten Cross in class.

The prayer activity for the lesson is also below. The idea is to add key words for your child to use in the word box, e.g. Lent, promise, pray etc. 

Many thanks for your support.

Please email any work to: