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Vehicle (Mon, Tues, Weds)

Monday (Computing with Mrs Ottley)

Hi! In today's lesson, we are going to label and match objects to groups. Try your best to complete the activities below. If you have any trouble accessing the files, don't panic! Simply email Mr Dawson to let him know you've tried to access this lesson at:


1. Click on the PowerPoint below and listen carefully as your adult reads through it. Can you answer their questions?

2. Complete the challenge. Can you tell your parent / carer which group each object belongs to?

See link below:

3. Complete the worksheet as best you can. Print it off or have a go on a piece of paper or your blue exercise book. 

Mr Dawson would love to see your work! Send him a photo once you have finished at:


RHE (Relationship and Health Education)

Apologies that I didn't post a home learning task for yesterday afternoon; I was having technical difficulties!


Today, I would like you to talk with your parent about what makes you SPECIAL and UNIQUE. There's only one of you!


We all have talents and gifts given to us by God. Talk with your grown-up about:


  • Your eye colour
  • Your hair colour
  • Your age (do you know how old your grown up is?! How old do you think Mr Dawson is?!)
    • Email me your answers - if you dare!!!
  • What you like to do
  • Your favourite animal
  • Your favourite food


After you have talked about these questions, complete the activity (link below). You can draw and/or write your responses.