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RE (Thu, Fri)

Thursday afternoon

LO: To write a prayer expressing my thoughts about the birth of Jesus.

Wonder: Why is Jesus special to me?


For our final lesson on the Christmas Unit, we are going to explore the story of Jesus and the Shepherds.

Watch the video (below). It based on Luke 2, a story from our holy book - the Bible.


Now, talk to your grown up about what you've just watched:

  • What does a shepherd do?
  • Who visited the shepherds? What did they say?
  • Imagine you were one of the shepherds - how would you feel? Why?



EITHER: Draw 3 emojis in your blue exercise book that best match how you feel about the birth of Jesus. Can you tell your grown-up what the faces mean?

OR: Print off the document and complete this task on the worksheet (see below).

Watch the video below about Jesus' birth. Listen carefully for some of the reasons he is special. After the video, talk to your grown-up about why Jesus is special. Mr D has put some of the many reasons under the video!

Jesus is special because...


  • he was sent by God to show he loves us. heart
  • he can help us. yes
  • he brings people joy. laugh
  • he is a way for us to be friends with God. smileyheartsmiley


Create your own prayer for Jesus!

EITHER: Write/draw your own prayer to Jesus explaining why he is special to you.

OR: Use the worksheet (link above).


If you're not sure where to begin, here is an example:


Dear Jesus,


You are special because you bring love to the world.