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Friday (10 am)

Please join us for our virtual Children's Mass with Fr. Martin! This is available live and on catch-up via the St. Mary's Catholic Church (Leek) Facebook page.


Friday (afternoon)

Learning Objective: To compare and contrast the birth of Jesus with the birth of a baby today

Wonder: What would it feel like to stand in the middle of the Nativity scene?


1. Look at the picture of the Nativity scene below. Nativity means Jesus' birth. Talk about:

  • Who can you see? How do you think they might feel?
  • What does the stable look like?
  • What would Mary and Joseph say to you if you were there?
  • How would you feel standing in the middle of this important scene?

2.  Fill out the fact file about Jesus' birth and your birth (see below). If the file doesn't open, don't worry! Include:

  • Where Jesus was born and where you were born
  • Who was there when Jesus was born and who was there when you were born
  • What people said/did when Jesus was born and when you were born
  • Who chose Jesus' name? Who chose your name?

NB - The 'your birth' column will be sent home with children in school to complete as this week's homework task.


Choose EITHER the 'written task' OR the 'cut and stick task'. Please complete the homework by Wednesday 20th January.

3. Listen to 'Away in a Manger' (video below). Can you clap or tap your legs along to the song?

Draw what Jesus' birthplace looked like. Then draw what your birthplace looks like!

Talk about: What's the same? What's different?

CHALLENGE (EXENSION): What would it feel like to stand in the middle of the Nativity scene? Write about it, using some of the words below.


awesome             splendid           Jesus            son of God             exciting

Thursday (afternoon)

Learning Objective: To recall the story of the Birth of Jesus

Wonder: What did Mary and Joseph need for their journey?


1. Watch the video below about the Birth of Jesus.

2. After you have watched the video, open up the document below.

3. If you have a printer, cut out the pictures and put them in order (don't worry if not).

4. Talk about the questions. Can you find the right answers? Watch the video again if you're not sure.

5. Write a sentence about the story of Jesus' Birth. Use the words in the document to help you.

6. Look at the list of things Mary and Joseph might take on their journey to Bethlehem.

7.Which things do you think are the most best to take? Why? Draw a list of your top 3!