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Welcome to Reception class home learning page. This page is designed to support you and your child with learning from home. There are several links to different websites that will support Reading, Writing, Maths, PE and science. 


Just click on the picture to visit the site. 


The daily expectation is to complete the Phonics, Literacy, Maths and Vehicle work. We would work in small groups in class and follow the activity with learning through play. Remember to encourage your child and have lots of fun with the work.





Friday 4th March 2021

Start your day with a Friday dance. Pick your own music and have a boogie! 



Children decide which shape is the odd one out. There is more than one option, depending on the properties they focus on. Ensure children are familiar with the term odd one out and can explain what this means.

ASK • What is the same about the shapes you can see? What is different? Are any of the shapes the same? Does it matter about size? • Which of the shapes can roll? Are they all curved? Which shape does not roll? • Which of the shapes can stack? Are they all flat? Which shape does not stack?

Literacy: sequence the story (use the word document below)


Phonics: Go to and play some phonics games. 


Afternoon: log into purple mash and complete the 2do. Design your own dinosaur. 

Thursday 4th March 2021


ASK • How can you check if the shapes roll? How can you check if the shapes stack? • Which of the shapes are curved? Which of the shapes are flat? How will pushing them along the floor help you to work this out? • Do any of the shapes roll and stack? STRENGTHEN Give children a range of 3D shapes and ask them to stack them. Ask: Which shape would you not put on the bottom of the stack? Why? Which shape is a good shape to have at the bottom of a stack? Why? Does this shape also roll?

Complete the page in your workbook. 

Literacy: Read your favorite book at home. Talk to your parent about why you like it so much. you could make a book review with a picture of your favorite part of the story. 

Afternoon: access the world book day website and look at all the different activities.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Children look at familiar 3D shapes and consider whether they roll. It is important to clarify the difference between rolling and sliding. Let children feel the surfaces of those objects that do roll, discussing that there needs to be a curved surface for an object to roll. You should use the correct names for the shapes but children should not be expected to use or remember them.

ASK • What are children pushing down the slide? What shapes are they? • Which one do you think will roll? Will they both roll? • What other objects can you see in the picture? What kind of shapes are these? • Are there any other shapes in the picture that would roll down the slide?

STRENGTHEN Use an outdoor slide, or make a slide like the one in the picture, and replicate the objects from the picture to test which roll. Encourage children to think about how they know if a shape will roll. Children should feel the shapes, looking for curved sides. Ask: Can you think of any other shapes that will roll?


Literacy: Design your own underpants and describe them. eg they are spotty and red. 

Phonics:Mrs Reid  

Mrs Hall:  

Afternoon: Wellbeing Wednesday. This afternoon i would like you to do something you love. Go for a walk, bike ride, make a cake, dance to a song, take a nap or do some yoga. Do something that will make you relaxed and happy. 

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Literacy: Create a story map of the Dinosaurs love underpants story. Can you retell the story using your story map?



Children look at the photograph of the robot made from recycled material and consider the 3D shapes they can see. They use their own familiar vocabulary to describe the shapes as well as being introduced to more mathematical vocabulary.

ASK • What objects can you see? • Can you see any curved objects? • Which shape is on top of the model? What shapes are at the bottom of the model? GET ACTIVE Using the photograph as a stimulus, encourage children to make their own models from everyday objects. They could work in small groups, thinking about which objects they want to use. Encourage them to use a variety of differently shaped objects to make their model and prompt them to describe the objects to a partner.

Phonics:Mrs Reid:  

Mrs Hall:   

Afternoon: Lent: Cut a piece of paper into a heart shape. We are thinking about how we can be like Jesus. We are making promises of what we can do to help other. What would you do? I promise to.... help my friends?

Monday 1st March 2021


Literacy: Look at our text for this week: Dinosaurs love underpants


Children use directional language to describe a route. Children are encouraged to use the language up, down and across to describe movement.

ASK • Which way will Ella go on the ladder? • Could you trace a line to help you find the way? • Does Ella need to go up or down? Could you use left and right to describe direction as well? STRENGTHEN Play a game of Snakes and Ladders. Explain how the game works, that children should zigzag across the board, following the numbers to the right and sometimes to the left. If they land at the bottom of the ladder, they go up it, if they land on the top of a snake, they slide down it. Encourage children to explain how they are moving: up, down or across.

Complete page in your maths workbook.

Phonics: Mrs Hall:  

Mrs Reid:   

Afternoon: Research one of your favorite dinosaurs. Write some facts about your dinosaur and draw a picture of it to create a dinosaur fact file. Look on Andys Dinosaur adventures or Nat ~Geo Kids for help. 

Friday 26th February 2021

Join us at 10am for mass with Father Martin on the St Mary's Church Facebook page.



Question 1 : What are the flowers in? What are the flowers on? • Question 2 : Can you use ‘in’ and ‘on’ to describe the ball? What words do you need to describe where the ball is? • Question 2 : Can you describe where the ball is in relation to where the wellies are? Is the ball in front of or behind the wellies?

Complete page 16 in the practice journal. 

Phonics:Mrs Reid 

Mrs Hall:   

Afternoon: use junk modelling to create your very own Dinosaur. 

Thursday 25th February 2021


  • What can you see in this picture?
  • What do you think is happening here?
  • What might the dinosaurs be thinking at this moment?


  • When were dinosaurs around?
  • Why did they die out?
  • Research the different species of dinosaur. Which is your favorite/least favorite?


Maths: Create an assault course. You must tell your partner to go under or over or behind the items in the course to reach the end. I would love any pictures or videos of this.

Phonics: Mrs Reid group:  


Mrs Hall group:  

Afternoon: Watch the episode of come outside (click the picture). It is all about animals that come from eggs. Complete the worksheet below. 


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Literacy: read the text below. 



Children use positional language to describe where the rooms and furniture in the doll’s house are, in relation to the other rooms or items. Can they describe the position of other objects they can see in the picture? ASK • Which rooms can you see in the house? How can you tell that this is a bedroom/kitchen? • Which items can you see in the kitchen/bedroom/living room/bathroom? • Which room is below the bedroom? Which room is above the kitchen? What is on the bed? What is on top of your bed? • What do you put in the oven/in the sink?

Phonics: Mrs Hall:  

Mrs Reid:  

Afternoon: Watch the clip on BBC bitesize:

Talk about how you could be more like Jesus. What kind things could you do?


Tuesday 22nd February 2021

Literacy: Cut and stick label the Dinosaur activity. (see below)

Maths: Click on the picture below to watch the positional language song.

Children go on a bear hunt to find teddies. Give clues, modelling positional language (behind, on, in, under) to support children in finding the teddies.

ASK • Is the teddy under the table? Is the teddy on the table? • Walk across the classroom to look behind the blinds. Is the teddy there? • Is the teddy in the box? Can you put teddy under the cover/ on the book? GET ACTIVE Continue the bear hunt activity: encourage a child to hide a teddy and give the other children clues to find it. If there are enough teddies, let children work in pairs, taking it in turns to hide the teddy.

Phonics: Mrs Reids group: 



Mrs Halls Group:   

Afternoon: Lent: Look at the powerpoint below explaining what Lent is. 


Monday 22nd February 2021


This week we will be looking at the book  'Baby Blue Egg'. 


Can you make a lost poster for the baby egg? Write the word Lost at the top. Draw a picture of the egg and you could even write a sentence like 'have you lost this egg'. 



Children look at two pictures to see what is the same and what is different about them.

Children use their observation skills to find the differences between two pictures. Can they spot which item is missing (football) and which has moved places (teddy) in the second picture?

ASK • What items are on the shelves? • What is the same about the pictures? Which item has not moved? • What is different about the pictures? Are there the same number of items? • Has the teddy moved up or down? Which item is missing?


Phonics: Mrs Hall:  

Mrs Reid: Play Freds Game: 




Afternoon: Dinosaurs come from eggs. We will be looking closely at other animals that come from eggs like the penguins over this half term. Log into purple mash and go into mini mash. Children can explore the farm in the mini mash area. Discuss which animals you can see. What would their mum or baby look like? Do they always look the same? Which other animals do you know about? Discuss their life cycles. 

Please find below support to help you log into Purple Mash.

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