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Welcome to Reception class home learning page. This page is designed to support you and your child with learning from home. There are several links to different websites that will support Reading, Writing, Maths, PE and science. 


Just click on the picture to visit the site. 


The daily expectation is to complete the Phonics, Literacy, Maths and Vehicle work. We would work in small groups in class and follow the activity with learning through play. Remember to encourage your child and have lots of fun with the work. Break the work up into small chunks and remember that it is the child's work I would like to see. Encourage them to sound out using their phonic knowledge. 

Please remember to upload work to evidence me so I can mark it and give feedback. 





Thursday 14th October 2021

Phonics: Watch the video on the Reception class page for your child's group


Maths: This week we are working on number 5 and comparing amounts. Go to BBCiplayer and watch numberblocks number 5 episode. Think about how 5 was made (one jumped on fours head). What did they find that was 5 in the episode? eg 5 rockets. 


Afternoon: What does a police officer do? Discuss with your child what they think a police officer may do. Look at the powerpoint below. Children to draw a picture of one aspect of the job of a police officer. 


RE: we are thinking about special celebrations. This week we are learning about weddings. Can you dress up and role play a wedding at home. video and send to evidence me. 






Tuesday 13th July 2021

Phonics: Miss Owens group watch the phonics film and write Fred Finger words.    


Mrs Hall and Miss Whittakers group watch the films, join in and complete Fred fingers. 




Maths: This week we have been learning to weigh and measure. We have been predicting which item is heavier before we weigh it. Find 5 items in the house and think about which is the heaviest? which is the lightest? why do you think that? Can you order the items from heaviest to lightest? How can we check? If you have scales at home use them with your child to check if their predictions are correct. 


Literacy:  Watch the Rainbow Fish story. 

Think about what the Rainbow Fish did to make friends. What can we do to be good friends. Write your idea on a scale shaped piece of paper and we can join them all together when we go back to school. 




Afternoon: log into purple mash and complete the 2do. The activity has a video of old and new transport times. Add in some pictures of old and new transport. Write what type of transport it is and write a simple description. Remember to save your work once completed. 

Please find below support to help you log into Purple Mash.

If you have any questions or need any support please don't hesitate to email

Purple Mash Support


Support in the form of videos can be found by clicking on the links below. 


A printable copy is at the bottom of the page should you need it. Children in school have already been taught how to access the activities set by their teacher and so should be familiar with this. Please note the home screen on your computer will look slightly different as we are using the most up-to-date version, but all menu items still work in the same way. 


2dos and feedback can also be found by using the Alerts tab on the menu which looks like this:-   


For further support please contact your class teacher in the first instance. Passwords can be found on the parent letter that was sent when we registered your child or inside their planners. (Inside home learning folders for Nursery and Reception)


A video to support parents to access the parent portal.  A user guide with video links to support children in accessing their learning tasks, including how to submit work to the teacher for marking. 

Purple Mash 2do parent and child user guide.