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This week, we will be reading...



For help finding this eBook, please check the guide on the previous page. If you're still having trouble - don't worry! Email me and I'll do my best to help!



1. Practise reading the circled speed sounds (page 4)

2. Practise reading the story green words (page 5)

3. Practise reading the red words (page 6)

4. Practise the speed words (page 18)

5. Read the book (pages 9-16).



1. Practise reading the story green words (page 5) and the red words (page 6).

2. Practise spelling any 3 of the speed words from page 18. Look, cover write and check!

3. Read the book (pages 9-16).



1. Read the book (pages 9-16).

2. Talk about the questions on page 17 with your child. They should point to and tell you the answer. Feel free to help them if they find this tricky.

3. Practise spelling the same 3 speed words (page 18) as yesterday. Help your child check the answers. They should practice these spellings using 'rainbow writing'.



1. Watch the video about transport below. After you watch the video, talk to your grown up about how the different modes of transport you saw.

2. Read the example fact file about transport (below).

3. Now it's your turn to start writing about transport. Don't worry if you don't finish today as we will complete our fact file tomorrow. You should complete the sentences to the document below. You should try to spell the words yourself as we will check our spellings tomorrow.

NB - Task 3 can be completed on paper OR typed up on Google Classroom. It will appear in your child's 'Assignments' tab. Simply click 'Turn in' when finished and Mr D can check it.


If you have completed this task on paper, please email Mr Dawson by 5pm so he can check it. Thank you!



1. Today, I would like you to finish off your fact file about transport. You may use the book to help you check your spellings. Make sure you send Mr D a photo of your final draft OR click 'Turn in' on Google Classroom when done.