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Stories to share

Running through our 'Winter Wonderland' theme will be wintery, snowy, icy stories including the following.

Week commencing 4th January


This week, our focus story is 'Kipper's Snowy Day'. You can access an online version of the story by clicking on the image below.



Share and talk about the story. Talk about Kipper and his friend's feelings. 

Talk with your child about their experience of snow.

What do we need to wear when it's cold and snowing? Why?

Encourage your child to answer your questions in full sentences. Model this for them by speaking to them and answering their questions with full sentences.


If/When it snows, get them out in the snow - having fun! Talk about how it feels, how it melts, what sound it makes when you walk on it. Build a snowman (or snowdog). What will your snowman wear? Why?


There is a PDF document below, for children to design their own hat, scarf and gloves.