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Monday 18th January


In Art this week, we are continuing to create our pieces of artwork inspired by James McNeill Whistler. Please go through the PowerPoint to remind you of what we have been learning about and then create your artwork. You can use paint, felt tips, crayons, pencils or it can even be done on Purple Mash! Once completed, please evaluate your piece using the worksheet below.


Today we will be looking at creating pictograms. You will need a dice and to open the 2do set on purple mash.


Roll the dice and count the spots on the top of the dice. How will you add this to the pictogram you have open? Click on the + by the same di ce at the bottom of the pictogram. Repeat 20 times. What questions could you ask about the pictogram you have created. 


For example, which number did you roll the most times? 

Write 5 questions and send a photograph of your questions to school. Mrs Ottley

Tuesday 19th January


See the RE tab.


We will be continuing our 'Amazing Adventures' by thinking a bit more deeply about Christopher Columbus and he result of his discoveries. Your enquiry question is: Was Christopher Columbus a hero or a villain?

Work through the powerpoint below. You can download the sheet, either as a word or PDF document, or you can write in your exercise book.

Wednesday 20th January


This week in PE, we are continuing our learning about gymnastics. Please look at the Powerpoint to see the different positions we are learning about and practise them at home!


In Geography this week, we are continuing to expand our knowledge of the world. Please go through the PowerPoint slides to learn a little bit more about the continents. Feel free to do your own research about them and share any facts you find out with me! As you go through, please colour and label the globe. You do not have to complete the one attached, you can make your own. Be as creative as you like! Please send me your pictures of your completed globes and have fun!


Thursday 21st January 


See the RE tab.


Today we will start to find out about habitats.

Work through the powerpoint below and complete the sheet, which is available to download as a word or PDF document. Alternatively you could write in your exercise book.


Friday 22nd January


This week in RHE, we are continuing to learn about our bodies. We are focusing on what we can do to keep them healthy and why this is important. Please go through the information on the PowerPoint and then complete the activities on the worksheet.