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Monday 1st February



This week in RHE we will be looking at feelings. Please click on the link to access the lesson from Ten Ten. Below is the activity that the children will need to complete following the session. Please unite with the children in school by starting the session off with the below prayer.




For our computing lesson please watch the video on the Year Two google classroom. 


During the video the children will be asked to pause and use the worksheet to complete a mini ebast study. After that they will be asked to use the link - j2e - to create their own Pictogram. The images below show you were to find the work. 


Next to the stream, at the top, it shows classwork. 

Click on Classwork. 

Click on Computing 1:10 Monday 1st Feb.


This will then expand and show you the Video,  Today's worksheet - A1 Worksheet and also some images of the minibeasts if the children wish to create their own pictogram on paper. 

The link is in the instructions at the top. 

Mrs Ottley

Tuesday 2nd February

RE - Please see the RE tab.


History - Please access the resources below.

Wednesday 3rd February

PE - Gymnastics

Please see the challenges on the powerpoint below.

PE - Wednesday 3rd February - Gymnastics

Geography - World Climates 

Work through the powerpoint and complete the sheet below.

Thursday 4th February
RE - Please see the RE tab.

Science - Habitats

Please work through the powerpoint and complete the questions on the sheet below.

Friday 5th February

Art: Today we are learning about the style of William Morris. Look at the powerpoint below to see what his work looks like. What do you notice? (its a pattern) What can you see in the patterns? (birds, flowers and dragons) 

Children to complete the 2do on purple mash.