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Please work through the below powerpoint introducing our new History Unit. Today we are looking at Historical Pictures to answer some simple questions.

Please complete the work sheet below. Have fun!

Art and Design

This week we will 'take a line for a walk' 

Please talk about lines and look for them in the classroom then Draw imaginary lines in the air. Look at work by the artist Paul Klee what types of lines can they see? What colours? What shapes?


Using a pencil draw a single line starting on any edge of the paper and curl, twirl, curve, zig-zag all around the paper till you say “stop!” They need to end their line and go off any edge of the paper. Here you need to watch what everyone is doing and make sure the lines don’t get crowded and messy on the paper.

Now children can fill in the spaces using paint, chalk, pencils or crayons. Colour in the spaces neatly and mix around the colours using Klee’s work as an example.

Steps to Success:

I can draw lines of different shapes and thicknesses

I can draw with pencils and crayons.

I can colour in neatly following the lines very carefully.



Before showing the children the PPT, children to draw a spider diagram in their science books with the words “under the sea” in the middle. Children to then write all of the things that they already know around their diagram.

Please complete either challenge 1 - Children to continue to add facts to their spider diagram by using the information they have gathered from the PPT. 

Challenge 2- Children to make a fact file about what they have learnt. 


RHE Activity

Please click on the below link to access the home learning  for the RHE. 

The children are working on Unit 3, Session 2 - Feelings inside and out.

A parent username and password will be sent out shortly.





This week in RHE we are looking at feelings on the outside. Please click on the link below to view the lesson from Ten Ten.