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Monday 8th February

RHE Monday 8th February 2021


This week in RHE we will be continuing to looking at feelings, both inside and out. Please click on the link to access the lesson from Ten Ten. Above is the activity that the children will need to complete following the session.

To gain access you will need to use the link sent to you

Please unite with the children in school by starting the session off with the above prayer.

Tuesday 9th February


RE - Please see the RE tab.


History - Please work through the powerpoint and sheets below. Choose whether to complete 1. or 2. They are both downloadable as word or pdf documents.

Wednesday 10th February


PE - Gymnastics. See the powerpoint below for some activities to try at home.

PE - Wednesday 10th February - Gymnastics

Geography - The Arctic

Work through the powerpoint, and answer the questions / complete the activities on the sheet, which is downloadable as a word or PDF document below.

Thursday 11th February

RE - Please see the RE tab.


Science - Please work through the powerpoint below and choose which sheet to complete 1. or 2. Both are available to download as word or PDF documents.

Friday 12th February.

Today we will be having a 'mindfulness' afternoon. Do something that relaxes you and makes you happy like reading a book, coloring, yoga or going for a walk. Take a look at this website for more ideas: