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Monday: RE and French 
Please read through the slides and complete the work for RE. 
In French we are carrying on with learning the French poem off by heart - to challenge yourself, you could change the names of the birds to people in your family. 


Tuesday: Science 
Please read through the slides and complete the investigation sheet. This week we are moving onto magnets. If you have any magnets or even fridge magnets handy, this will support learning for this lesson. If you do not have magnets at home, please watch the following videos- they are so funny!


Computing - please complete the 2Do set on PurpleMash.

Wednesday - History. This will be a debate lesson and therefore will not require any written work. However, I have attached the slides if you would like to use these for the task.

Thursday: Geography and Art and Design

Please read through the PDFs of the slides and complete the sheets.
In regards to Geography Slide 3- the link is to Google Earth (typing this into Google may be easier).

Friday: RE and PSHE

Please only complete Friday's work - this is clearly set out in the slides. (5.3.21 Materials)