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ICT- Monday 1st March

Mrs Ottley would like you to create a rhythm using the instruments on the programme, following a repeating pattern. Please use the powerpoint to work towards the learning objective. After, please log on to purple mash and complete the set 2do.  



Children will watch interviews with the characters in film from the last session to see how they felt about what had happened, and the significance of saying sorry.

Children will learn that our behaviour can not only upset other people, but it can hurt God too. They will be given an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and to give and receive forgiveness.

Please use the link below to access the RHE lesson.

Please use the St Mary's log in and password that you have been previously sent for TenTen.



Tuesday 2nd March

RE - Please see the RE tab.


History - We are going to be learning about some new explorers, and their 'race' to the South Pole. Please work through the powerpoint below, and complete the activities on the sheet.

Wednesday 3rd March

PE - We will be continuing our lessons on 'Balance'. Please see the powerpoint below for some activities you could do at home.


Geography - We are going to start finding out about a contrasting place in a non-European country. Please work through the powerpoint and the activities on the sheet below.

Wednesday 3rd March - PE - Balance

Thursday 4th March

RE - Please see the RE tab.


Science - We will be testing fabrics to find out 'Which fabric is the stretchiest?'

The suggested fabrics are: cotton, wool, nylon. If you are able to complete the investigation at home and don't have these fabrics, please don't worry. Please use whatever fabrics you have access to.

Please work through the powerpoint below and complete the activities on the sheet:

Friday 5th March 

Art: Experimenting with different ways of making marks: Use a pencil to make the different marks mentioned in the powerpoint below.