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Monday Afternoon: Science


This afternoon, we are going to think about how to take care of PETS! Watch the video below and talk to your grown-up about what pets need to be safe, healthy and happy.


Science Task: EITHER print off, cut and stick the pictures to match each pet's needs OR draw and write about what they need in your blue exercise book.

Wednesday Afternoon (Design & Technology)


Apologies that the live stream didn't work yesterday. This was due to technical issues. Please note that there are no live streams this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. However, the morning live streams will continue as normal at 9 am.


We have been inspired by the colours and patterns of Aboriginal art ! Today, we would like you to design 2 boomerangs! A template is available below but you can draw these free-hand if you prefer.


Mr Dawson would LOVE to see your designs. Email him at: with your wonderful work.



Design & Technology: Design your own boomerangs! Which design is your favourite?