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Vehicle (Mon, Tues, Weds)

Wednesday: PE


More so than ever, it is really important to get moving and shaking! There are a range of activities available by searching on YouTube to help you keep active at home. Here are some of Mr D's favourites:

  • Just Dance (we love 'Waka Waka' and 'The Final Countdown' in class!)
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Joe Wicks


Keep smiling and have fun!

Tuesday: Geography / Art


Today we are going to explore a landmark (a very important building) in Australia: the Sydney Opera House!


Talk with your grown up about:

  • What can you see?
    • Which are physical features (made by God)?
    • Which are human features (made by man)?
  • What shapes can you see?
  • Does the landmark look like anything else?
  • Who do you think uses the Sydney Opera House? What might they do there?


Click on the link above to watch the Go Jetters video about the Syndey Opera House. Listen out for the funky facts! What can you remember?


Today, I would like you to create your own special piece of art inspired by the Sydney Opera House. In class, we are going to cut white paper triangles to make a collage and add a funky fact as a caption.  you Home learners can present it however you like (depending only on what you have at home and your imagination)!


Have fun!

Monday: Science


This week, we are going to explore our sense of hearing!


Tell your grown-up:

  • Which body part do we use to hear?
  • What are the other senses? Which body parts do we use for them?


Listen to the 'sound story' (link below).

  • Can you work out what the different sounds are?

Close your eyes and listen very carefully for 1 minute. What different sounds can you hear...


... in the kitchen?

... in the living room?

... in your garden/yard?


Make a poster about the different sounds you heard. Can you sort them by different parts of the home?


Monday: Computing (with Mrs Ottley)


This week, we are going to practise sorting!


Children at home should work with their grown-up to find between 10-20 objects in their house.


Can you sort them into two groups? You could sort them by:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Type of object


Afterwards, head over to Purple Mash to complete the 2do. Can you sort the shapes by their colour?


If you're having issues accessing Purple Mash, don't worry! If you need your child's Purple Mash username or would like to send photos of your sorting to Mr D, please contact him at: