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English - W/c 11th May

ENGLISH - Daily update Friday 15th May


These links/resources are available via our Google Classroom. 


1. BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson 22.04: Identifying Adjectives

Watch the videos and have a go at some (or all!) of the activities. A copy of the sheet 'Finding Adjectives' is attached below. As this is a PDF document, you won't be able to type into it. You could view the sheet/questions on the screen and write the answers down in an exercise book. (You don't need to write out the questions, e.g. if it asks you to circle the words, you can just write the words in your exercise book, that you would have circled). 

This is also set up as a document on our Google Classroom. You should be able to type your sentences underneath the inserted image. Remember to click on 'turn in' when you have completed your work.


2. Pobble – The Invisible Man - Sentence Challenge!

Imagine you have just turned invisible. Draw a picture of the first thing you would do. (Draw this in your exercise book or on a piece of paper).
Then re-read the story-starter, which is on the 'Invisible Man' document below, and write two more paragraphs of the story. Include what you have drawn in your picture and you answers/ideas from 'Question Time'.

You can write this in an exercise book, or alternatively I have created this as a document in our Google Classroom, which means that you should be able to type onto it, underneath the inserted image.

If you complete this on Google Classroom, please click on 'Turn in'.