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Week Commencing 8th Feb

Please find tomorrow's maths sheet attached below for 11.2.21 to work through until 9:30 to accommodate for Mass. Join the live stream as usual tomorrow morning, I will still be available for support. Mass is expected to end around 10:15/10:20. Therefore, our English will start 10:35 to provide you a break.

Please join us for Mass on the following website :

Friday 12.2.21:

We are having a mindfulness afternoon instead of the timetabled lessons. Please complete some of the activities below:

Go for a walk somewhere beautiful!

Decorate a cardboard box. (If possible) Get your family members to write what they love about you. This could be one of your amazing qualities on a piece of paper. Put those pieces of paper in the box. When you are feeling upset, read all the lovely things people love about you.

I have attached some other activities below.

Listen to relaxing music and watch a cosmic yoga video to guide you with meditation.


Have fun and a great half-term!


Thank you for all your support and amazingness!