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Year Five


It is Miss Blood here, your new teacher for Year 5! I am super excited to start your Year 5 learning journey with you!


I love Marvel! Super heroes are all around us – they live inside you too! I also love music and musicals. Theatre trips are my favourite – the magic that occurs amazes me! I am also an adventurer. I love to discover new places, try new things and be pushed out of my comfort zone!  I have travelled to many corners of our world and have many tales to tell! The world is an amazing place, full of awe inspiring wonders to explore and fascinating people to meet. I firmly believe that it is 'our' world and we need to look after it!


As you enter Year 5 and move up on to the 'top floor', we only hold the highest expectations - impeccable uniform, impeccable behaviour and 100% effort all of the time.  We always support each other. We are a team – we cheer each other on, we help and listen to each other and we treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. We will still be awarding achievement points for this and giving behaviour points if you choose not to follow our school rules. It is a choice – make the right one!


We will begin our time in Year 5 with the topic ‘Whispering Waters’. We will be focusing on the idea that ‘water has memory’. We will use this to study the Vikings and their use of water to raid and conquer places! We will follow a single rain drop on its journey from the sky to the sea and take inspiration for our Music and Art work. 


I will see you all in September!


Miss Blood