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“Every individual will develop knowledge, skills and understanding with confidence and belief to take in life's journey. Together we will excel, love and serve through the Catholic Faith without limitations.”



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Autumn 2018

Our main theme for this half-term (mornings) is:


We will be welcoming six new (pre-school) children into the class. The focus for them will be settling in, getting to know classroom routines and rules.

Religious Education

Baptism - Becoming members of God’s family through Baptism.


Lent - The relationship between Jesus and his Father.

- Times when we need to say sorry.

Holy Week – The Sign of the Cross

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Settling in

- separating from carer, learning and following class routines

Developing Relationships

Sharing & Taking TurnsPersonal Social and 0

Communication and Language

‘Roleplaying’ & ‘Retelling’

- familiar stories

Listening and Attention

– developing listening and attention skills

‘Full Sentences’ practising speaking in full sentences

Physical Development


– independence using the toilet

– hygiene - washing hands


Handling mark making tools

– paint brushes, chunky chalks, pencils


Developing Motor Control


Bear stories

– ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’

- ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

Recognising own name

Writing’ name

Phonics – Letters & Sounds Phases 1 / 2


Reciting numbers to 5 / 10 / 15 / 20

Counting objects to 5 / 10 / 15 /20

Language of Size

Ordering at least 3 objects by size

One More / Less

Understanding the World

Winter – changes in weather / clothes needed

- changes over time

ICT – operating the class computer

Chinese New Year

Expressive Arts and Design

‘Winter’ arts and crafts

Musical Instruments

Roleplaying familiar stories and creating own story lines



Nursery do not have homework.


All of the children are given a ‘Parent Information’ file, which is updated weekly.


The file provides parents and carers with information on what we have been learning/what our main focus will be the following week, and also contains suggestions and ideas for ways you can support your child at home.


Please return the file every Wednesday so that it can be updated and sent out every Thursday.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Many thanks for your support,


Miss Knobbs (Monday - Thursday mornings) & Miss Moore

Mrs Johnston Jones (Friday mornings)

Curriculum Plans for RE