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“Every individual will develop knowledge, skills and understanding with confidence and belief to take in life's journey. Together we will excel, love and serve through the Catholic Faith without limitations.”


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Nursery News


What a busy couple of weeks we've had since half term. The children have loved learning all about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and are excited to get working on their good deeds for Lent at home. We had some super ideas about how they could help others, and each good deed will be celebrated by adding a section to our stained glass window.



Thank you to the parents and carers who did a fantastic job getting your children ready to celebrate World Book Day 2019 by dressing them up as their favourite character. We shared lots of stories on this day, it's just a shame Mrs Else kept stopping to ask what we thought might happen next! It is working though and the children are starting to make links with what has happened and what might come next.


For International Women's Day we celebrated the work of Julia Donaldson and the children were excited to go home and see if they can find anymore books written by her. Good luck with your search.

A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2.

A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 1
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 2
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 3
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 4
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 5
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 6
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 7
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 8
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 9
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 10
A busy couple of weeks to start Spring 2. 11




How well our new Pre-school have settled into school life! We are very proud of them all and of course our existing children who have helped by welcoming their new friends and showing them what high expectations we have for behaviour and learning.


Our main theme for this half-term (mornings) is:

Bears, Bears, Bears


We will be using the 2 Key texts below to enthuse the children in all areas of learning.


We will be learning to:-






*follow the rules and boundaries we have in school adapting these to new situations.

*talk to friends about home life. For example talking about what we enjoy doing with family and friends.

*act out our favourite parts of the stories with our friends in the Bear Hunt Role Play area.

*start to fasten our own coats and take care of hats, and gloves.

*race and chase without bumping.

*hold a pencil using three fingers (See links below).

*copy the letters of our name.

*control our fingers and bodies to help our mark making by ‘squiggling’ and ‘dough disco’

*start to develop our ball skills by throwing and catching balls.


*extend my play by using story language to act out stories.

*use lots of questions to find out more, asking who, what, where, how – this might be linked to the seeds we start to grow!

* understand and start to answers why and how questions in response to our adventures.

*listen and join in with the repeated language in stories and rhymes.







*listen and join in with stories

* remember what happened at the start, middle and end of stories.

*listen for words that rhyme and words that start with the same sounds.

*recognise our name and start to write our names.

*start to listen for the sounds in words by playing games like Eye Spy with My Little Eye.


* say our number names in order to 10 by singing songs and exploring number rhymes.

*learning to count by counting everything from fingers to conkers, even things we can’t see!

* we will spend lots of time developing our understanding of size, measuring porridge ingredients, matching bowls and chairs to the correct bears are a few ways in which we will use this new learning.

*we will act our favourite stories about bears, taking turns to respond to what the other children say.

*we will create our own role play area, thinking about what materials we can use to make a forest and bear cave.

*explore Chinese sing and dance, moving in time to music during our celebrations.




*talk about special times, including our Baptism.

*explore the festival Chinese New Year.

*Learn about the members of our Catholic Family and our place of worship.

*develop and understanding of growth and decay through our Scientific observations and experiments.



To help at home you can:-

There is lots you can do at home to help your child master some of the skills mentioned above. The links below will provide you with resources, videos and activities you can do at home. If you feel you or your child need any support, please do not hesitate to ask the class teachers.


Links to popular nursery rhymes and fairytale stories.


A useful sheet about dough disco. A recipe to make your own and some moves for you to try.


Numberblocks – a fun programme to encourage counting and digit recognition.


Many thanks for your support,


Mrs Else & Miss Moore


Curriculum Plans for RE