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St. Mary’s Catholic Academy
part of the Painsley Catholic Academy

Love and Serve

“Every individual will develop knowledge, skills and understanding with confidence and belief to take in life's journey. Together we will excel, love and serve through the Catholic Faith without limitations.”


Picture 1 Mrs G Wretham Executive Principal
Picture 2 Mrs G Turner Vice-Principal
Picture 3 Mrs D Lowe Link Director

Early Years

Early Years  1 Miss D Moore Nursery Teaching Assistant
Early Years  2 Miss C Harvey Teaching Assistant Wraparound
Early Years  3 Miss E Goodstadt Early Years Foundation Manager
Early Years  4 Mrs K Hall Teaching Assistant Reception


KS1 1 Mrs E Nicholls Year 1 Teacher
KS1 2 Mr C Harvey Teacher Year 1 (Maternity Cover)
KS1 3 Mrs M Whittaker Teaching Assistant Year 1
KS1 4 Mrs K Buggy Teacher Year 2
KS1 5 Mrs J Dudley Year 2 Teacher (Maternity Cover)
KS1 6 Miss A Owen Teaching Assistant Year 2


KS2 1 Mrs E Iremonger Teaching Assistant Year 3
KS2 2 Mr R Allen Teacher Year 4
KS2 3 Mrs J Collier Teaching Assistant Year 4
KS2 4 Mrs K Haines Teacher Year 5
KS2 5 Mrs H Eyre Year 5
KS2 6 Miss A Hine Teaching Assistant Year 5
KS2 7 Mrs H Morgan Teaching Assistant Year 5
KS2 8 Mrs L Fallows Year 6 Teacher
KS2 9 Miss E Smith Teaching Assistant Year 6

Specialist Subject

Specialist Subject 1 Mrs M Barlow Education Welfare Officer
Specialist Subject 2 Mrs M Ottley Specialist ICT Teacher
Specialist Subject 3 Mr G Hankin Specialist Science/ PE Teacher

Breakfast & Afterschool Club

Breakfast & Afterschool Club 1 Miss S Ball Breakfast & Afterschool Club Assistant
Breakfast & Afterschool Club 2 Mrs E Coleman Afterschool Club Assistant

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Miss A Sale Catering Supervisor
Kitchen Staff 2 Miss C Halsey Catering Assistant
Kitchen Staff 3 Mrs V Brown Catering Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Miss S Ball
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Miss C Barker
Lunchtime Supervisors 3 Mrs S Carter
Lunchtime Supervisors 4 Miss M Ellis
Lunchtime Supervisors 5 Mrs D Coates
Lunchtime Supervisors 6 Mrs J Keates
Lunchtime Supervisors 7 Mrs J Howell
Lunchtime Supervisors 8 Mrs A Shepherd

Cleaning & Janitorial

Cleaning & Janitorial  1 Mrs E Kusznierski Cleaning Supervisor
Cleaning & Janitorial  2 Mrs J Collier Cleaner
Cleaning & Janitorial  3 Mrs B Millward Cleaner

St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church 1 Deacon Stephen