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Design and Technology Curriculum Statement 2020-2021

At St Mary’s Catholic Academy we believe Design & Technology prepares children as ‘creative problem solvers’ who can take part in the development of their rapidly changing world. The children will develop their knowledge of design, research and develop their ideas, be visionary and inspiring, use tools, utensils and processes and evaluate the suitability and productivity of their designs. The curriculum develops communication skills through: programming, drawings, models, presentations, discussions and evaluations.

Children will develop and understanding of technological processes, products and their usefulness to society. Whilst learning to follow safe procedures, they will learn to select appropriate tools/utensils and techniques for making a product. This aspect of the St Mary’s curriculum will develop transferable skills of collaboration, explanation, creative thinking, depiction and evaluation; it will celebrate technology as the driver of progress in society.

Amazing Autumn term projects:


Year 1 will be designing and making their own Wedgewood inspired thumb pots.

Year 2 will be creating their own Tudor house from recycled materials.

Year 3 will be undertaking this paper mache wolf project.

Year 4 will be designing and making their own space themed vehicle.

Year 5 will be building their own water wells.

Year 6 will be designing and making stockings. They will be filled with doggy treats for the local animal shelter at Christmas.

Our amazing projects take a variety of forms, from sculpture of a variety of materials to sewing and baking.

Year 6 designed and made these doggy bandanas that local shop, Dougal's Den offered to put on sale, with all the money raised going to local animal charities.

Design and Technology National Curriculum

Design and Technology Progression of Skills