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Literacy is taught for a minimum of one hour per day. Other English activities, such as individual and group reading, extended writing, spelling and handwriting activities are also taught in addition to this. In general, Literacy lessons will involve a mixture of whole class teaching (shared text, word/sentence work) and independent group work, as well as a plenary session (reviewing, consolidating teaching points). Children are encouraged to take reading books home; each child is also given a Reading Diary which is taken home along with their reading book, in order to monitor the child’s progress. It is expected that any books taken home are properly cared for and a charge will be made for any lost or damaged books.  Please sign your child’s reading diary each time that they read and mark it as finished so that we know when it needs changing.  The children also have access to which is a website which helps them to practice some of the elements of spelling, punctuation and grammar that they may have been working on in class.

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Reading Assessment Criteria
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