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What our parents say about us

What our parents say is the best thing about St Mary's.


"I think it is how the teachers not only support your child but you as well. They make you feel seen and supported with your child’s development and your own fears."


 "I love how involved the school is with parents. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with 'watch and learn' sessions and class liturgies. As a parent, to be able to see your child in their learning environment is really important and reassuring. My children love going to school and get involved in lots of lunch time clubs which they thoroughly enjoy."


"The staff who are approachable and supportive. Children being happy is paramount above anything else and standards are always high...... I always think that a day in the life of a child at St. Mary’s must be wonderful!!"


"The lovely community feel of the school, the children know that if they have any worries they can speak to any of the staff, who are very approachable and helpful."


"The teaching staff are approachable and caring. I highly recommend the school as I see my great progress ro my children academically, emotionally, socially."