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Early Years

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we begin to build the foundations for future learning, by starting to investigate our place in the world and our personal history including our families.


The EYFS curriculum helps us to learn and develop through nine Areas of Learning. Skills related to history can be found within the 'Knowledge and Understanding' Area of Learning, which is split into 'Communities' and 'World'.



During Autumn Term, Reception class will be:

Finding out about the celebration of Harvest.

They will find out about the celebration of Harvest in the past.

This will be linked to their Literacy focus of ‘The Little Red Hen’, which they will learn to retell in chronological order through Talk 4 Writing activities.

They will learn about farming in the past and present day, making some comparisons.

They will make bread, looking at changes.

They will learn Harvest songs and end with a (virtual) Harvest celebration assembly for parents.