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“Every individual will develop knowledge, skills and understanding with confidence and belief to take in life's journey. Together we will excel, love and serve through the Catholic Faith without limitations.”

Year 6

Welcome to class 6!

Autumn Term 2019

Wanted: material for doggy bandanas. Please send in with your child next week.

Wanted: material for doggy bandanas. Please send in with your child next week. 1

Things you need to know:

  • P.E is on a Thursday and Friday during Autumn term.
  • Homework is given out on a Wednesday and should be handed in the following Monday.
  • Children have daily reading homework, which should be recorded in their diaries, and brought into school every day.

Holes by Louis SacharWhat we are reading this term.

Our English lessons will be based on the book, Holes by Louis Sachar. We will be doing a variety of activities, as we emerge ourselves in the story, including: descriptive writing; letters and diary entries.

Year 6 curriculum vehicle: It's a dog's life. For more information about curriculum vehicles please click the link

In art we will be sketching dogs and drawing their portrait and aiming to capture a little of their personality as well. To help us, we will be visiting local art gallery: The Gallery and meeting local artists, famous for animal portraits.

Our D & T project will see us designing and making our own doggy bandanas for the canines waiting for their forever homes.

Music: we will be writing our own jingles to advertise the dogs, with the winning one being played on Moorlands radio!

In history we will be studying the world wars and the vital parts that animals, including dogs, played.

The geography element will find us discovering the origins of dogs and different species from all around the world.

During computing, we will be designing our own, modern website in order to rehome more of the animals successfully.


Class liturgy

Painsley School Uniform for September 2019

Year 6 Science Topics

Animals Including Humans

  • To label the major organs of the body.
  • To know the role of the heart, including blood vessels (A, V, C).
  • To know how the ideas of Galen and Harvey differ.
  • To define heart rate & pulse rate.
  • Give examples of a healthy diet and the 7 food groups
  • Respiratory system -To know how we breathe and what structures are involved.
  • To understand effects of exercise on the body
  • To define a drug and give examples of legal and illegal drugs, knowing how they affect the body.
  • To know the word micro-organism and discuss ways we can stay healthy


  • To recognise light travels in straight lines
  • To give examples of sources of light and understand how we can see things.
  • To know how light travels from a source to our eyes
  • To understand why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them
  • Reflection – to give examples of reflective materials
    Evolution and Inheritance
  • Recognise that living things have changed and that fossils provide the evidence of this change
  • Living things reproduce – offspring inherit characteristics from their parents but look slightly different due to variation.
  • Variation is either inherited (from parents) or environmental (from surroundings)
  • All species are adapted to suit their environment.  To detail adaptations in plants and animals for hot, cold and dry habitats.
    Living things and their habitat (classification)
  • To group living things as vertebrates and invertebrates.
  • To group vertebrates into their 5 classes.
  • The reason for classification
  • To use a key to classify some organisms
  • The significance of the work of scientists such as Carl Linnaeus, a pioneer of classification.
  • Research plants and animals in unfamiliar habitats
  • Electrical Safety
  • Use circuit symbols are be able to draw a circuit.
  • Associate brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer with number of cells used in a circuit and voltage.
  • Make comparisons with various components, when are they dimmer, brighter?
  • Make a selection of series circuits.


Useful links:

You listen to the songs for free using this website, it’s a fun way to learn times tables.

Lots of great resources to help prepare for SATs.


Key stage 2 SATS Dates for 2020


The key stage 2 tests are timetabled from Monday 11th May to Thursday 14th May 2020


Monday 11th May

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  Paper 1

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 2


Tuesday 12th May

English reading test


       Wednesday 13th May

Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic

Maths Paper 2: Reasoning


Thursday 14th May

Maths Paper 3: Reasoning


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Year 5 and Year 6 Curriculum and Expectations

With the new National Curriculum, the Department for Education has produced new expectations for the end of each curriculum year. These will replace the old system of levels and provide you as parents with a clear idea of what the children should be achieving at the end of the year.

Below you will find the expectations for Year 5  and Year 6 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The year 5 document that can also be downloaded provides year 5 expectations. We have also produced ‘deepening’ targets for parents to show you the targets that the children will be working towards if they have met all of the ‘expected’ targets to master their learning skills.

As a school we report your child’s progress against these end of year expectations at our parent evenings during the year.

The following terms will be used:

·         Your child is not on track to meet the end of year national expectations.

·         Your child is on track to meet the end of year national expectations .

·         Your child is on track to exceed the end of year national expectations.


 Any extra support you can provide in helping your child or children to achieve these will benefit them greatly.

This website allows children to access a wide range of SATs questions grouped in to specific categories.

If you are struggling with a certain question you can click the Youtube link and it will provide you with an efficient way of completing the question.