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Nursery News - September

Welcome to the newest members of our St Mary's family and welcome back to our Pre-Schoolers. It's great to see the children so excited about the start of a new school year and we have lots of exciting changes that will make this year the best yet! (See below for details)


Dates to remember:- 


Wednesday, 25th September . 11.45 am & 3.15pm.

Meet the teacher meeting in school.

Minimum of 1 adult per child must attend one of the meetings. Parents will receive information about our new online learning journeys where teachers can send observations direct to yourselves and you can send them back.  


Monday, 4th November . 5.30pm

Make your mark, get set, go - writing workshop for EYFS.  Teachers will demonstrate the important skills they teach children in the Early Years in preparation for writing sharing a range of fun / messy play ideas you can do at home.


Coming soon.

Stay and share sessions.

A weekly opportunity to stay and share a learning activity with your child. Timing 8.45 - 9.00 am. Day to be confirmed. 



Nursery vehicle picks up momentum as expert artisits visit from around the school to give guidance on Self Portrait skills.

Something New for Nursery.

PE or PD

We already know that our children in Nursery love to jump, run and climb so we spend lots of time doing activities outdoors to meet our

P hysical     D evelopment milestones.




It's very difficult to slither like a snake on the playground so we have decided to continue with our PE/ PD sessions in the hall.


This year (2019/2020) will see us introducing full PE kits for nursery and we will gradually build up to a full change for each session. 


Mrs Else knows this might take some time initially but it is important that the children learn the self-help skills of caring for their belongings and dressing themselves. You can help with this by encouraging children to dress and undress themselves at home. 


Our sessions in September and October will be focused on PSED. We will be developing friendships and getting to know the our members of our class team through group games. We will build into this ball skills for the children with the expectation that all children will be able to throw and catch a large ball by the end of the term.


The PE kits expectations for Nursery are the same as the rest of the school and can be found in our prospectus.

Please support your child be purchasing pumps with elasticated or Velcro fastenings. 


                                                                        Parent Partnership


  WOW! The children couldn't have been more excited about their first piece of homework last week and we are hoping parents are too. 

 Staff at St Marys have created 30 busy bags for you to use at home. All bags are linked to topics or skills your child will cover during the Nursery year. 

The letter to accompany the bags can be found at the bottom of this page for reference. 


  In each bag you will find a range of games, books and resources to guide play. These can be done alongside your child to help them make the most of each  learning experience. 


 Each bag will need to be returned to school on a Tuesday so it can be refreshed for the next child. Bags will be sent home on a Wednesday. 


Some examples are shown in the pictures below. 


For those still wanting a more traditional worksheet, or to supplement the bags, an activity linked to our weekly mark making / letter / number can be found in the cloakroom area of nursery. please help yourselves. 



 There will be lots of opportunities this year for you to get involved in your child's education in school too! Please regularly check our class page and the school calendar for upcoming events. 





Following exciting changes to the curriculum for 2019 / 2020 school year the Nursery children will work towards a final agreed outcome each term. As our learning takes us on a journey we will refer to 'topics' as our 'Vehicle'. Details of this terms vehicle can be found below as well as a link to the changes we have made to our curriculum.


Our vehicle this term is :

Nursery Year Book 2019


To commemorate your child's first year in school we will be creating a Year Book. 


This will incorporate your child's milestones, friends, special moments and will be available to preview at the end of the term, for purchase Early 2020.


Samples of the book can be seen by talking to the class teacher. But to give you an idea of the finished product take a look at the link below : 




Through our vehicle and other activities will be learning to:-





*follow the rules and boundaries we have in school and wider society- last years Nursery children made us a video to help.

*talk about our family, and say thanks to God for their creation.

*talk about what makes us special, the things we like and don’t like.


*Put on our own coats.

*use the toilet by ourselves, including remembering to wash our hands.

*eat using a knife and fork.

*race and chase without bumping.

*hold a pencil using three fingers (See links below).

*control our fingers and bodies to help our mark making by ‘squiggling’ and ‘dough disco’.

*speak using full sentences when sharing information about our favourite toys / foods.

*listen and follow simple and the 2 step instructions.

* listen to what our friends say and respond to them

*listen and join in with some stories and rhymes.







*listen and join in with stories.

* remember what happened at the start, middle and end of stories.

*listen for words that rhyme and words that start with the same sounds.

*recognise our name.

*start to copy some letters from our names.


* say our number names in order to 10 by singing songs and exploring number rhymes.

*learning to count by counting everything from fingers to conkers, even things we can’t see!

*use shapes to build and make pictures.

*explore that shapes we can see in the world around us

*explore the different sounds we can make with instruments and our voices in our new creative hub.

*sing, sing then sing some more – we can use lots of songs to hep us learn other things.

*we will make diwa lamps and Rangoli patterns to celebrate Diwali.

*learn to copy sequences of sound

*describe the texture of everyday objects.

*practise drawing pictures of our selves and God’s wonderful creations following a visit from an artist.

*think about how the world was created and say thanks to God.

*talk about our family and friends - parents will be invited in to talk about the jobs they do.

*talk about Autumnal changes.

*explore our home life through familiar role play activities like our home corner and post office.

*explore advent and the true meaning of Christmas.

*talk about what we want to be when we grow up - thinking about aspirational goals. 




To help at home you can:-

There is lots you can do at home to help your child master some of the skills mentioned above. The links below will provide you with resources, videos and activities you can do at home. If you feel you or your child need any support, please do not hesitate to ask the class teachers.


Links to popular nursery rhymes and fairytale stories.


A useful sheet about dough disco. A recipe to make your own and some moves for you to try.


Numberblocks – a fun programme to encourage counting and digit recognition.


Many thanks for your support,


Mrs Else & Miss Moore


Autumn Best Bits.

Question of the Day.

(This will start in week 4 of the Autumn Term for the new children but take a look at how well it worked last year)

Democracy in Action


The Nursery and new Pre-school children have loved getting involved in the decision making in our school.

Each day the children have been writing their name (Nursery) or finding their name (Pre-school) and then using these to answer the question of the day.


Today's question was 'What story shall we read at home time?'


This is not just about reading and writing though! It has resulted in some interesting debates. What happens when you don't like either of the choices? What happens if your choice doesn't win? What happens when the number of votes is the same?

Parents you could try this at home and see how well your children cope with disappointments or problem solve to find a solution. They could choose what to have for tea tonight.

Busy Bag Letter for Parents