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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 where...

Everything is Awesome!

Our exciting curriculum vehicle for Autumn 2019 is:



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This term we will become computer engineers, astronauts, artists, designers, musicians, historians and geographers  we explore the curriculum through Lego!

Jodrell Bank Mars Rover Challenge

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On Thursday 12th September, we visited Jodrell Bank. We took part in an Inflatable Planetarium activity and a 'Mars Rover Challenge'. All of the children behaved impeccably well. Below are some videos of our Rover Landing creations - only one 'rover' survived the fall...
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Our English lessons will be based on the book, The Last Wild by Piers Torday . We will be doing a variety of activities, as we emerge ourselves in the story, including: descriptive writing; letters and diary entries.

 Our English lessons will be based on the book, The Last Wild by Piers Torday . We will be doing a variety of activities, as we emerge ourselves in the story, including: descriptive writing; letters and diary entries. 1 We are reading The Last Wild by Piers Torday.
We will learn Maths through our mastery approach. The children will gain skills in fluency and apply these to problems daily. They will reason about ideas and explain the Maths behind it. We will revisit ideas daily and the children will learn to look for and make connections between their learning. Please see our Mathematics page to see the overview for the term.
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Our Science will be taught by a specialist teacher from Painsley. Here is a rundown of their learning:

Earth and Space

  • Movement of the Earth and moon.
  • What shapes are the planets, sun and moon? To name all planets and understand Pluto is a dwarf planet.
  • Solar system, size and shape.
  • To understand the moon is a satellite.
  • To understand why we see day and night.
  • To understand that there are 4 seasons due to the position of the Earth.
  • To understand how the position of the sun in relation to the Earth cause day and night time changes.
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Creation. Miracles and the sacrament of the sick. Advent
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In design and technology, we will combine our knowledge of Space with the skill of computer programming to design a Rover which can explore where no man has gone before!

We will design it to a suitable criteria, make it, evaluate it, adjust and improve it before we present it to the Create team at the Lego Discovery Centre to see if we’ve got the skills to become a designer for them!
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We will begin by exploring how Lego can be used in Art. We will then be using inspiration from our trip to Jodrell Bank to create our own interpretation of our Solar System. Firstly out of a choice of medium, then as a sculpture - using Lego to support our ideas effectively.
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We will be studying Music by the composer Gustav Holst, who wrote a series of pieces of music called ‘The Planets’. We will use this to create our own instruments out of Lego to create a piece of music to symbolise planet Earth - the only planet Holst did not compose a piece for!
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We will delve back in time to of Ancient Greeks; focusing upon how this ancient civilisation lived and proposed for many centuries. Once our learning is complete, we will create short animations using Greek Lego mini figures to explain to others an aspect of Ancient Greece we enjoyed.
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We will begin by looking at famous landmarks around the world that people have made out of Lego-learning continent, country and city names. We will focus in on Europe, the UK and it’s counties to find the place of our first visit Jodrell Bank and our second visit to Lego Discovery in Manchester. Taking off again, we will pin point Greece - learning how it’s physical Geography allowed the Ancient Greeks to prosper. This geographical knowledge will come alive in our Lego animation!
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In our modern foreign languages lesson, we will focus upon French. We will learn how to state numbers, colours and body parts before combing our skills to describe Lego characters.
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Thursday and Friday
We will be playing the game of Tag Rugby this half term, followed by Hockey leading us up to Christmas. These are both outdoor games. Therefore, the children must dress appropriately. Please see our uniform policy for guidance.
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Homework will be handed out on a Wednesday and is due back in the following Monday. It will consist of Maths, English, Times Table Rockstars, Read Theory and a set of Spellings to learn. Our Spelling test will be on a Monday. Our Timestable test will be on a Thursday.

Curriculum Plans for Reading, Writing, Mathematics and RE

Year 5 and Year 6 Curriculum and Expectations

With the new National Curriculum, the Department for Education has produced new expectations for the end of each curriculum year. These will replace the old system of levels and provide you as parents with a clear idea of what the children should be achieving at the end of the year.

Below you will find the expectations for Year 5  and Year 6 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The year 5 document that can also be downloaded provides year 5 expectations. We have also produced ‘deepening’ targets for parents to show you the targets that the children will be working towards if they have met all of the ‘expected’ targets to master their learning skills.

As a school we report your child’s progress against these end of year expectations at our parent evenings during the year.

The following terms will be used:

·         Your child is not on track to meet the end of year national expectations.

·         Your child is on track to meet the end of year national expectations .

·         Your child is on track to exceed the end of year national expectations.


Any extra support you can provide in helping your child or children to achieve these will benefit them greatly.

End of year expectations for year 5