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Year 4



Please go to: Pupils, Home Learning, Year 4 to access the latest home learning timetable and information.


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Welcome to Year 4

Spring 2020 


A warm welcome to Year 4! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and are ready and raring to begin the new year. We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term. Please take a look below to find out about important class information and discover some of the wonderful things we are learning.


If you have any concerns or worries, or would just like to speak to me, I am available after school each day.


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Important Info


  • Homework is given every Wednesday and is due back in the following MondayChildren will be given spellings to learn and interactive maths work via IXL. Children are also given optional -based homework.
  • Spelling tests take place every Monday.
  • This term, children will need their P.E. kit every Monday (our outdoor kit includes: trainers, blue jogging bottoms and blue sweatshirt) and their swimming kit every Thursday.
  • Times tables will be practised and tested regularly in class! We thank you for your support in supporting your child to practise their times tables at home.


This term, Year 4 will be…



This term, Year 4 will be

learning about Anglo-Saxon England! Our

learning will help us to prepare our very

own'museum exhibition'!




History: we will be learning about Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, invasions and settlements. We'll study what it was like to live in an Anglo-Saxon house and how the beliefs of these tribes changed over time.


Geography: we will be focusing on different types of settlement and land use in addition to developing our locational knowledge of the United Kingdom. We'll be studying maps to find the perfect place to found a settlement!


Science: we will be exploring sound. Children will begin by identifying how sounds are made, before creating their own Anglo-Saxon instrument!


French: our focus this term will be on expressing our opinion in different ways.  We'll be learning about the festival of la Chandeleur and having our own French feast!


Art & Design: we will be exploring the visual elements to create our own Anglo-Saxon inspired brooches and decorations from clay.


Design & Technology: we will be using a range of materials to create strong and stable structures for our Anglo-Saxon settlement. These include watchtowers and drawbridges!


Computing: through Purple Mash, our learning will be centred on e-safety and coding.


Music: we will be using our Anglo-Saxon instruments to inspire our own fabulous performances!




This term, prepare for an epic adventure! Our class novel is Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon – the first in the series of her novels about Hiccup, the young son of a Viking chief. The study of this text will develop reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. Grammar and punctuation are examined within the context of the text – with the children interrogating how, why and to what effect they are used in the story. Children make connections between themes on a personal level with Hiccup and create varied, meaningful writing outcomes across various genres. The unit culminates in a final piece of writing whereby the children apply all that they have learned along the way with their hero, Hiccup. They will innovate a new short story version of the novel’s ending to engage their friends.




The children will start the term by building on their knowledge of multiplication and division. This will include learning the 11 and 12 times tables. They will then use different strategies to multiply and divide 2 and 3-digit numbers and look at choosing the most effective method. Children will explore 2D shapes and measure area before moving on to develop their understanding of decimal numbers and fractions. The children will develop and apply their reasoning and problem solving skills across all areas of the curriculum.




This term, we will be studying the following units:


  • Christmas
  • Jesus: Light of the World & Beloved Son
  • Old Testament: Moses - King David
  • Lent: Living As Followers of Jesus Today




Our class Saint is St. Vincent de Paul… see what you can find out about him!

Year 4 have been 'Super Settlers' at the Potteries Museum!

Year 4 have been sharing stories and dressed up as their favourite characters for World Book Day!

Year 4 have raised £20 for Mary's Meals today by selling their fantastic popcorn boxes. Yummy!

Year 4 have been celebrating la Chandeleur (Candlemas) the French way - with crêpes!

Year 4 have been TTRockstars! Congratulations for winning the Battle of the Bands!

We have been building our own super-tall watchtowers to protect our Anglo-Saxon settlements!

Year 4 have been reflecting at the advent prayer stations.

Year 4 have been learning Italian, Mandarin and Valenciano at Painsley!

Year 4 have been commemorating those who have been affected by war in our class assembly.

Class 4 have been performing spectacular scenes from Leon and the Place Between!

Class 4 has been inspired by Ken Done and famous landmarks in art!

In Year 4, we love learning our times tables. Check out these videos that help us along...

Seven Times Table Song (cover of Cups by Anna Kendrick)

Three Times Tables Song (cover of Uptown Funk)! You can't beat a sing song at the end of a maths lesson!

Year 3 and Year 4 Curriculum and Expectations


With the new National Curriculum, the Department for Education has produced new expectations for the end of each curriculum year. These will replace the old system of levels and provide you as parents with a clear idea of what the children should be achieving at the end of the year.

Below you will find the expectations for Year 3 and Year 4  in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We have also produced ‘deepening’ targets for parents to show you the targets that the children will be working towards if they have met all of the ‘expected’ targets to master their learning skills.


As a school we shall report your child’s progress against these end of year expectations at parents' evenings during the year. The following terms will be used:

·         Your child is not on track to meet the end of year national expectations.

·         Your child is on track to meet the end of year national expectations .

·         Your child is on track to exceed the end of year national expectations.


Any extra support you can provide in helping your child or children to achieve these will benefit them greatly.

End of Year Expectations for Year 4