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    A huge congratulations to the winners of our E-champ campaign.


We have already had our first meeting and set the agenda for the first week back at school. 


The e-champs will be working alongside Mrs Else, the school Computing Lead to promote good online attitudes and behaviour through our school. 


The first job will be to trawl through the fantastic mascot entries to choose a winning Mascot. Once selected the winning mascot will be displayed in all classrooms to remind us of the need to be SMART. 


Take a look at the E-champ presentation to see what promises and commitments won the children their coveted titles. 

E-champ Update. Our first planned meeting was a sucess. We used the agenda set at our first meeting to focus our thoughts and shortlisted and then voted to decide on a final winning mascot design.

E-Champ Meetings. The minutes from each of our scheduled meetings will be published here. If you have any queries please speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Else.

   Online Safety Parent Information Assembly


Tuesday, 11th February.


Many thanks to all who attended our online safety assembly and thank you to those of you who came with ideas and useful hints and tips of your own to share. The best way for us to protect the children is to work as a team!


Below you can find links to the websites that were discussed during the assembly alongside the PowerPoint that was used.


If you feel you or your child needs further support with online safety, as with all concerns and queries please make an appointment to come and speak to member of our staff. We cant promise to know all the answers, but we can certainly try and help you find some.

Safer Internet Day - Parent Information Assembly

Internet Safety Tips for Kids

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