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Excellent Remote Learning

Parent Feedback

90% of parents feel that their child has settled into a good routine for remote learning.

100% of parents feel that we have clearly explained how to access remote learning.

100% feel that the school continues to have high expectations for its students during this period.

100% of parents feel that there is a good range of subjects covered by our remote learning.

95% of parents would recommend St Mary's remote learning to other parents.


"I think the staff have performed above expectations in challenging times. A big thank you
for the hard work and dedication shown. It has made life much easier having a structured
system of learning and responsive staff."


"Thank you to all staff. I know how hard you are all working with both the children in the
classroom and those at home. Thank you to all teaching staff and support staff who do an
excellent job."


"Communication has been great! Any queries have been answered promptly and effectively.
The quality and volume of work provided has been good. Thank you!"