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"MOMO" Challenge - ***Important e-Safety information for Parents***

Please find a link to a National Online Safety site 


This site releases lots of parental advice on apps

and computer programs which your children may be accessing.


It is very informative for parents and we would urge you to take a look.


Today they have released advice on a new dangerous social media challenge which is spreading through the Internet like wildfire.


Its called the "MOMO Challenge".


We need to educate our children ASAP to ignore the messages and we would ask you to tell children that nothing will happen to them if they ignore the challenge and ask them certainly not to click on the challenge or links if they appears in any of their social media feeds. 


The challenge tells children that serious harm can come to them or their family if they don’t follow "MOMO’s" instructions by completing any one of a number of dangerous and harmful instructions. 


 Here is a link to a news bulletin about this new viral threat.