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Nursery noise!

   If you have heard lots of noise coming from the direction of school this week, blame Mrs Else and the nursery class!


   There has been a buzz in the air quite literally as we continue with our Mini-beast topic.


  For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting news ...


         ... We can today announce the safe arrival of 4 beautiful butterflies, fresh from their cocoons. This has caused much excitement for the staff, children and parents who were in school this morning.


   Last week we had 10 snails in class too!


  The children have been demonstrating this week how far their language skills have advanced in the time they have been attending school. Adults have been watching as some children question peers to find out more about our visitors or respond to friends by sharing their knowledge or experiences.


We will be releasing the butterflies on Friday so look out for them on your way to and from school.

Nursery will be thinking about their own journey during reflection time, how they have changed during the nursery year and are now ready, like the butterflies, for their next big adventure in Reception class.